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This family business has been operating on the market in Buchlovice near Uherské Hradiště since 1992. From the very beginning, we have been engaged in construction locksmithing which we have gradually expanded to the production of steel structures, steel machine elements, advertising stands and metal surface treatment. After establishing foreign contacts and penetrating the European markets, we broaden the production facility and working capacity of our company. We supply products from the metal production division to the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands. In order to offer full range of servises and meet the increasing demands as far as flexibility and product quality is concerned we are acting proactively and extended our machinery. Our employees are educated and trained on regular basis and we can boast they are savvy and knowledgable.

Our value is top quality and reliability with the necessary supply service to all our customers..

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The machinery equipment of the company enables serial and piece production which also includes technologically demanding parts. For highly equipped workshops, strategic purchase of materials is necessary and therefore we have a wide range of producers and suppliers of materials available from the Czech Republic and abroad. We machine and weld parts with quality in accordance with European standards. Powder coating is realized in-house, other operations such as heat and galvanic zinc and wet painting are provided in cooperation.

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FLOWDRILL - thread and hole forming


  • you do not need to use filler materials
  • there is no need to weld nuts
  • the very high quality of the sleeve and the exact diameter of the hole by threading are achieved by lighter construction thanks to easier connection of parts
  • thread capacity is high, the thread is solid without cracks
  • CNC milling - horizontal machining centre
We offer the possibility of production from simple milling parts to 3-axis machining of general surfaces, conventional machining, turning, milling, hydraulic pressing, tapping

DHJ obrábění kovů



CNC sheet metal forming

Folding for the maximum sheet thickness 6 mm,
width up to 1,000 mm, length up to 3,100 mm

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We use welding methods according to standards:
EN ISO 4063 135-D
EN ISO 4063 135-D
EN ISO 9606- 1 142 - TIG welding without filler material
EN ISO 9606- 1 141 - TIG welding with filler material

Superior quality of weldments is guaranteed thanks to sophisticated control mechanisms. We exploit both visual and dimensional methods of quality control of weldments according to the ČSN EN ISO 5817-B and 5817-C standards. We increase the expertise of our employees by investing into them . Customers have high demands to certifications and we are able to tackle them.

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Powder coating

DHJ Kovo - powder coating

Powder coating shows excellent abrasion and scratch resistance due to powder coating curing at 170-210°C. We provide powder coating on galvanized and raw surfaces. We use quality indoor and outdoor polyester paints, including varnishes for food industry. At customer’s request, we can spray in any RAL colour and the desired finish is glossy, matt and transparent, in fine or coarse texture. The technological conditions allow us to paint and cure to the maximum dimensions of the part - height 2,300 mm, depth 2,500 mm and width 1,500 mm.

DHJ powder coating



We manufacture and assemble steel structures of various types, including extensions (walkable platforms) to technological equipment such as post-harvest lines, ventilation systems or food technology. We also offer atypical steel structures as required or according to the supplied drawings. Dealing with project and production documentation can be taken for granted. DHJ company prepares halls completely, including cladding, plumbing and locksmith elements. Furhermore we offer partial deliveries, where steel elements are only a supplement to the construction of another type. It is the manufacture and assembly of ceiling elements, including permanent form work or steel roof frames and trusses. Our assembly and welding team has certification tests. We provide surface treatment according to the project requirements, including fire or food processing. We respond flexibly with both professional and individual approach to our business partners´ requirements and realize their intentions.

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We realize complete locksmith works connected with orientation, consultancy, production and professional assembly on site. We manufacture custom steel staircases, canopies including roofing, gates, sliding or swing gates with electric drives, railings, security grilles.

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